When it comes to VoIP termination rates, NuWave is ahead of the pack. As a leading provider for international VoIP Termination, calls directed through our network extend to every country around the globe. We deliver instant activation of services and phone numbers at competitive low rates. Choose from a range of unlimited and monthly plans that will help ensure your business’s productivity. To ensure optimal services and rates, we have collaborated with a number of carriers.

Why Terminate With Us?
  • Wholesale VoIP termination services with regular PSTN interconnections available
  • Amenities such as Asterisk Support, Virtual PRI, DID Numbers and more
  • Collaboration with leading global Telecom carriers
  • A 24/7 Network Operation Center that ensures query resolution and optimum services
  • No recurring charges for basic services
  • Robust authentication methods supported (e.g. Digest, Remote IP)
  • Calls can be forwarded to Skype, Google Hangouts
  • Numerous options for service-related payments (e.g. credit card, PayPal, bank transfers)

A Variety of Termination Plans for Your Business

NuWave has a wide array of VOIP termination or routing plans to facilitate reliable, quick connections around the globe. Our prompt customer support ensures your questions are rapidly resolved.

Choose from an assortment of options:
  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Wholesale
  • Pure traffic transit plans
  • SMS enabled DID Providers

By enabling one of the above service plans, your business can connect globally using least-cost routing. For each call, our service enables the highest-quality VoIP route from those available. Easily access our termination routing plan – simply sign up and make a small payment to get started. You can then configure your business’s device and begin making international calls at the best possible rates. Please contact us at sales@nuwave.com to learn more about our termination solutions.