NuWave has built a cloud infrastructure to create a truly Hybrid PBX blending all the benefits of cloud computing, Hosted PBX, and tying together legacy systems.

A Hybrid PBX system is the ultimate approach for large companies, call centers, and businesses with multiple locations. Essentially a Hybrid PBX works just like our Hosted product except it adds the power of cloud computing. This means that IT managers and telecom engineers can build out their system with complete confidence that all configurations are being saved to the cloud.

NuWave’s approach to the wholesale PBX market is to give our resellers every tool they need to be successful while constantly developing new features for the future. A Hosted PBX platform is only as good as it’s backend infrastructure which is why we work tirelessly to innovate in this space and why we have built out two different facilities on either side of the US.Beyond protecting you from data loss the cloud infrastructure helps power some of the most demanding features of the PBX requiring a significantly lower total cost of ownership in hardware alone. Not to mention making this setup easy to deploy across several physical locations.

But, perhaps the most attractive feature of moving to a Hybrid PBX is its compatibility with legacy hardware. Instead of having to replace a current Avaya or older systems handset hardware a Hybrid solution can integrate directly.