Enjoy direct access to worldwide unified communication and collaborative services, delivered with unparalleled reliability via NuWave’s comprehensive messaging platform.

Integrated Communications

  1. SEAMLESS CONNECTION -Get connected to NuWave’s comprehensive messaging platform seamlessly in a matter of minutes. Select one of our carrier-class platforms by using our API (Application Programming Interface) or through direct fiber. Choose from a wide array of available configurations, including HTTP, JSON, SMPP, MM4, MM7.

  2. HIGH FUNCTIONAL SCALABILITY -- Get connected to NuWave’s comprehensive messaging platform seamlessly in a matter of minutes. Pick out one of our carrier class platforms by using our API [Application Programming Interface] or through direct fiber. Choose from a wide array of configurations available like - HTTP, JSON, SMPP, MM4, MM7, and more.

  3. ROBUST SECURITY -Regardless of your company’s size, NuWave expertly protects and safeguards all your client transactions with state-of-the-art universal monitoring. Our robust, end-to-end security measures include unparalleled encryption, secure private lines, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), and Virtual Private Network (VPN), successfully handling and monitoring no fewer than 10,000 messages per customer per second.

  4. A CONSOLIDATED PACKAGE - NuWave’s consolidated network has been impeccably built to suit the requirements of the largest companies and Telecom providers on the planet. Empowering and simplifying the lives of our customers is our top priority!

Salient Features

  1. WORLDWIDE REACH - NuWave delivers your messages to any and every destination possible, making sure that no location goes untouched thanks to more than 1,200 carefully chosen carriers worldwide

  2. INSTANTANEOUS REAL TIME ANALYTICS -We effectively take the guesswork out of analytics to deliver the most accurate data to your company. Via REST API, we break down your business-critical data from the massive chunks to the cellular level, examining the information that matters to you most. We set up, index and store the information using thresholds you determine.
  3. EFFECTIVE SPEED CONTROL - PPace your messages and deliverables according to the specific needs of your functions and clients. Your messages can be stored in a queue, then sent at a time and pace that your business decides.

  4. COST EFFECTIVE - Our API is enabled for automatic updates, saving you the cost of hardware upgrades and software patches.

  5. 24*7 SUPPORT - Our skilled team of certified professionals is on call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to answer your questions and address any concerns.

Indulge In Business Optimization with Mobile Messaging

  1. MARKETING ON THE GO - Deliver messages securely and reliably to any destination without worrying about multiple carrier connections and relationships.

  2. GET SOCIAL - Build a relationship with your clients and contacts by occasionally sharing puzzles, games, images or other specific content to their mobile phones.

  3. THE ART OF GIVING - Enable your customers to communicate freely without the hassle of messaging fees.

  4. SEIZE OPPORTUNITIES - Profile your customers based on their preferences and interests and take advantage of new opportunities for targeted promotions, offers, exclusive services and more.

  5. INSTANTANEOUS CUSTOMER UPDATES - Keep your customers in the loop with real-time updates on shipment and order information.

  6. WE’RE HERE - Empower your company to deliver superior customer service by handling inquiries, providing status updates and sharing service alerts

  7. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Customers can receive timely registration information, initialization instructions, remote commands and status updates using mobile enabled OEM devices 24/7

  8. BOOST ROI - With regular monitoring, proper management, work analysis and resource optimization, you can directly boost your ROI using NuWave’s messaging platform.