Combine the intuitive interface and seamless interoperability of Skype for Business with the elite-level TLS/SRTP security of NuWave Communications’ world-class carrier-grade network, and discover why we’re the one-stop shop for secure, reliable, fully-integrated and customizable Unified Communications.

The Power of Two

Microsoft’s Skype for Business is a secure global cloud communication and collaboration solution that connects your business quickly and effortlessly with millions of users worldwide, powering your business’s internal and external communications using any internet-connected device. With an interface so intuitive it’s used by more than 300 million people the world over, now Skype offers more functionality than ever before.

NuWave Communications is proud to be numbered among an elite handful of Skype for Business Partners certified by Microsoft to provide your business with the strongest available commercial encryption protocols, TLS/SRTP. Combine the security of TLS/SRTP communications – exceeding regulatory requirements for HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and government compliance – with NuWave’s world-class, georedundant infrastructure and enter a new echelon of fast, secure and reliable communication.

One-Stop Shopping


Skype for Business is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook email and calendars, SharePoint, the Microsoft Office suite, CRM software and a variety of other services for maximum convenience and efficiency.


Our secure, reliable and customized Unified Communications solution delivers enterprise voice, IM, presence, audio/video conferencing, web collaboration, screen sharing, federation and much more over our own world-class, carrier-grade, georedundant network.


Hosted Skype for Business delivers a one-stop platform backed by the expertise and resources of a global partner, empowering you to develop a centralized strategy for secure, seamless Unified Communications.

Reliable and Secure

Underpinning Microsoft Skype for Business is NuWave’s world-class, carrier-grade network, guaranteeing excellent communication inside and outside your organization.

Ensure secure communications and exceed regulatory requirements using the strongest commercial encryption protocol available: TLS/SRTP. NuWave is one of a select few U.S. partners certified by Microsoft to provide TLS/SRTP encryption for Skype for Business.

Leverage NuWave’s best-of-breed, carrier-grade network, providing you with maximum uptime, reliability and security. Our U.S.-based, georedundant hosting in Tier IV datacenters delivers your unified solutions with the assurance of reliable, secure communication.

Keeping it Simple

Eliminate the need for on-premise PBX hardware and avoid costly capital expenditures. The quick deployment time for NuWave’s Skype for Business infrastructure translates into reduced time to market and enables you to benefit from the latest technology with predictable, fixed monthly OpEx costs.


Easily and quickly scale based on the growth needs of your business. Pay only for what you need, when you need it.


Drive revenue and profitability while reducing costs, minimizing complexity and reducing support requirements.


Fully-supported and hosted Unified Communications, featuring a 24/7 portal and same-day provisioning, frees up your time and resources.

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