NuWave offers end-to-end network management services, ranging from network design to configuration to monitoring. With a hassle-free network and our continuing support, our managed services help your business achieve peak productivity. Whether you need us to manage your network applications or maintain your hardware, NuWave will customize a management package tailor-fitted to your requirements.

All of NuWave’s managed services include highly trained professionals to handle your installations, configurations and management needs.

Application Management

Today’s business networks need to run at the highest possible speeds with zero interruption. NuWave provides the tools that empower you to monitor your network’s performance and ensure it’s running optimally. NuWave’s Application Management solution gives you real-time data and a history of network activity, allowing you to quickly evaluate whether a problem is within the network or in an application, monitor bandwidth use, and prioritize traffic according to importance.

Network Management

NuWave’s network management is the ideal solution to help maintain your network and improve its performance. NuWave will manage your network and its hardware, including installation, configuration, monitoring and management. Whether you don’t have the time or manpower to manage and maintain your equipment or you have a unique configuration, NuWave can ensure your network works for you.