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Boost your productivity with lower capital expenditure and increase customer loyalty with seamless call management. Satisfy your customers every time they connect with the help of our comprehensive call-center software solutions.

Agility is crucial to any service, and our cloud-based contact center software helps your call center handle all customer interactions swiftly and seamlessly. NuWave’s Call Center Software is a set of tools that enables call center managers and agents to serve their customers quickly and effectively. To learn how you can avoid software fees and substantial hardware investment, ask us about our Broadsoft Call Center Software. Broadsoft ensures a quick, efficient connection between your customers and your call center through a variety of channels.

  • Cloud flexibility
  • Intelligent multichannel routing
  • Real-time reporting
  • Easy interaction recording across every channel
  • Highest security standards

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system by Broadsoft reduces the cost per conversation by allowing customers to choose their type of assistance, thus directing them to the best suitable employee or agent.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

By quickly matching callers in your queue to the agents who can best assist them, our software ensures call resolution and satisfied customers in the most cost-effective manner. For callers who don’t want to wait, our software also offers an option to automatically call a customer back.

UC and CRM Integration

Identify your callers using unique attributes and display their information on the agent’s screen before the call connects, enabling you to quickly deliver personalized solutions. With integrated chat, presence, email and conferencing, your agents are better equipped to manage any situation promptly.


Most people don’t have time to wait in a queue. It’s vitally important for your customers to connect to you without delays or busy tones. Our software makes sure that all your callers are directed quickly to the appropriate agents.


Precise reports are a crucial means for calculating critical call-center metrics. View real-time data in charts and graphs, and drill down into the reports for detailed analysis. We ensure a quality experience with up-to-the-minute information made available through easily customizable dashboards, enabling you to resolve any issue immediately.

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