Being one of the leaders in the field of voice services, NuWave provides comprehensive business solutions to all the industry verticals. Where we all depend upon a good government, NuWave believes in supporting the Government with the best services that enable them to serve most efficiently to the nation. We are a trusted solutions provider for advanced and cost-effective communication solutions which can help the Government to meet their standards.

With the growing population and global issues like terrorism and natural calamities, governments are increasingly turning towards harnessing the latest technologies. We provide a robust suite of communication services and products which meet the national and global standards and which are 100% reliable.

By coming to us, the Governments can be sure for the following benefits;

  • Enhanced public security and better citizen services
  • Multi channel emergency responses
  • Streamlined processes to serve better
  • Reduced response time
  • Reliability, speed and effectiveness
  • Maximum uptime and continuity
  • Work efficiency from anywhere at any time
  • Simplified yet smart solutions
  • Seamless connectivity

Connect, collaborate and operate most effectively to deliver fastest solutions to the nation. By opting for our communication services and products, the government personnel can act faster during critical conditions and emergencies. Moreover, we also offer fastest maintenance support that helps you when the system crushes down or some emergency strikes..

NAICs Codes

  • 517110 - Wired Telecommunications Carriers
  • 517210 - Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (except Satellite)
  • 517911 - Telecommunications Resellers

Recommended Products


    Have the most advanced and sophisticated PBX system available without the large capital outlay. The NuWave hosted PBX platform is the most economical and advanced option for your business.

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    The great features and benefits of a Hosted PBX solution with the integration of a legacy based system for a best-in-breed network solution.

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    From your calls in the US to shipping your call center traffic around the world to meet that perfect time of day, NuWave has the domestic and international toll free solutions to fit your every need.

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    Connect your current PBX to NuWave’s network to leverage our industry leading local, domestic and international rates with PRI or SIP, public or private.

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    Direct incoming calls the ability to be forwarded to specific PBX extensions which negates the needs for an operator to manually forward the calls.

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    Being connected is critical to the success of any business. With NuWave’s Dedicated Internet you will be connected and with a reliable and fast network.

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    NuWave’s International Private Line (IPL) provides your business with the reliability and security you need. Available in all major markets and is ideal for financial, healthcare and enterprise organizations who need to protect extremely sensitive data and reliable connection between two locations.

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  • MPLS

    NuWave’s MPLS IP-VPN is designed to supply the secure service you need using NuWave’s dedicated MPLS IP-VPN solution. Connect all of your locations together whether the locations are are with in the same city, state or in different countries.

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