Meet Your New Internet

Your business’s online and cloud data requires robust security that can safeguards your information and keep your mission-critical systems online in case of a threat or disaster. If an incident occurs, it’s critical that a recovery mechanism can retrieve and repair data. NuWave provides a specialized wireless internet backup system designed to keep your business running even when disaster strikes.

Key features:
  • Impressive internet speeds aid your business processes
  • Ensures connectivity in the absence of wired connections
  • Keeps disruptions at bay and offers smooth online buffering and streaming
  • Generate revenues and serve customers regardless of your connection status
  • Cost-effective services to suit any size business

Bonus Features

With NuWave’s Wireless Backup, you no longer have to worry about outages or other service interruptions. The Wireless Backup plan not only saves data to your cloud and enables browsing but extends to:

  • Webcasts
  • Video conferencing
  • Phone calls
  • Building internet connections within a vicinity where seamless transmission is a challenge

No matter what the status of your internet is, NuWave’s Wireless Backup delivers you the best of the web.