Internet Connection at it’s Best

NuWave has in its kitty an incredible internet service, Metro Ethernet service. It’s your chance to learn to successfully provide your business with easy networking solutions by expanding the reach of your LAN to your metro network. NuWave’s metro Ethernet service comes with a special added benefit of complete configuration, administration and deployment of Layer 2 Ethernet services on a service provider or a large enterprise that is already replete with Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-enabled network. Some of the advantages that you can take note of are:

  • Faster services
  • High degree of employee productivity owing to simplified network setup
  • Reduced downtime
  • Optimized cost structure

You can easily connect multiple sites with high speed that is inclusive of gigabit Ethernet, and get greater flexibility to grow your business. As soon as you start to see your business evolving with new opportunities in hand, Ethernet would also change with you. With this, you would be getting exceptional protection and continuity for applications across locations.

Benefits of NuWave Metro Ethernet

You can now scale your network by benefitting from NuWave Metro Ethernet Service that comes with an on demand capability. The icing on the cake is that now you'll have the provision of scaling the bandwidth up or down, add new resources to the network or change features in real time.

  • Enhanced productivity with the aid of virtual work groups (branch offices, remote locations, etc.) across a metropolitan area
  • Lessened total cost of ownership by eradicating the need for specialized WAN support, lower-cost switches and routers
  • Consolidated server/facilities
  • You would pay only for what is required at your end and as your per your dynamic needs
  • NuWave offers a quick turnaround; in case of any issue, it is assured that your service is typically up and running as soon as possible within the decided TAT