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Enhance your productivity by NuWave’s multi-featured Conferencing Solution.

NuWave’s Web Conferencing solutions lures organizations to do virtual meetings with customers, employees and stake holders.

Key Features of NuWave’s Web Conferencing

Screen Sharing Made Easy

Share your screen with multiple participants at once and effortlessly collaborate on documents, including Word files, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations and web pages.

Web conferencing doesn’t just facilitate proactive discussions; it enhances the entire conferencing experience through faster document sharing, increasing team members’ comprehension and cohesion.

Sharing YouTube Videos

Elevate your web conferencing experience by sharing YouTube videos. You can control the video playback with user-friendly play and pause options, keeping all your participants perfectly in sync.

Mobile Support

When we say “anytime, anywhere,” we mean it. With NuWave web conferencing services, it doesn’t matter if you’re at your office or on vacation in Hawaii. You can tend to your clients on the go via Internet-enabled smartphones, tablets or notebooks.


Thanks to NuWave Conferencing, preparing the MoM has never been easier. Keep constant track of the status quo during critical business meetings and conferences. Effortlessly store your conferences’ significant actions and processes privately or publicly.

Record Meetings at Will

Sit back, relax and let us do the work for you. With NuWave Conferencing, recording meetings is as simple as hitting the “record” button. From screen sharing to conference call discussions, everything is recorded and stored efficiently, without any loss of quality

Using our website, you can easily share your recordings with colleagues with just the click of a link.


  • Market-wide competitive rates
  • Premium grade connection quality
  • Live customer care support
  • Safe and secure data import and export
  • Returning participants can log in in an instant
  • Successfully tested on all major web browsers
  • Conference recording at no additional cost and no loss in quality
  • Access to collaborative functions using documents or spreadsheets

Our centralized web portal gives you easy access and complete control over services and features. Visual support during web conferencing will help build a natural rapport with your clients. And with a sophisticated suite of state-of-the-art features taking your web conferencing to the next level, it’s easy to forget you’ll also be saving a bundle on your operating costs.

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