Kyle Thomas

Chief Technology Officer


  • Network architecture
  • Protocols
  • Next generation technology
  • VOIP & IMS architecture


8275 S. Eastern Ave,
Ste 157-200
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Kyle is an experienced Telecommunications veteran with extensive network engineering and architecture with expertise in building scalable cost-efficient next-generation networks for the future.

Kyle has vast expertise on both the traditional TDM side and the next generation networks with the ability to seamlessly bridge the “gap” between both areas. Kyle started his Telecom career at the age of 23 after serving in the NAVY at IDT Telecom. His highly motivated attitude quickly got recognized by management at IDT and before he knew it was on the transmission team turning up DS3’s. OC3’s, OC12’s and OC48’s. Again management recognized his winning attitude and unique aptitude for technical work and promoted him to the DMS translations team where he was performing complex translations throughout the global network. Within two years Kyle found himself as the head of the SS7 department at IDT running the Global STP network and was in charge of the first STP’s deployed within the SS7 network at IDT.

Kyle has become a distinguished network Architect over the last 20 years who is fluent in all technologies and protocols. This has made him a next-generation network veteran with extensive network engineering and architecture experience applying technology to produce marketable products and services that are sustainable, scalable and that make business sense.

Kyle is the CTO at NuWave Communications where he has deployed a next-generation voice over IP network with maximum redundancy and availability utilizing self-healing layer 3 IP protocols within the core to carry their hundreds of millions of minutes of VOIP traffic a month.